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Mychildtherapist is dedicated to helping improve your child’s mental health so they can live fully without the effects of negative emotional or behavioral baggage.

My childtherapist.com supports the mental health needs of children, adolescents, parents and families.

We are dedicated to providing the best information available to educate parents, grandparents and caretakers to help them promote the achievement of their child. Parenting is the hardest job in the world.

Mychildtherapist.com provides services, tools and information to support the development of your child. Use this site to find information, resources, tools, and real support to create a positive lifestyle for your child and your family.

Mychildtherapist promises to be here for your child and you with every step of your parenting journey.

If your child is having difficulty and you think they would benefit from counseling please visit Animal Assisted Counseling of Indiana for information about child, and adolescent therapy. Animal Assisted Counseling of Indiana provides therapy for children, and adolescents in partnership with a Canine Therapy Animal.

Please contact us regarding therapy for your child, adolescent we can be reached by calling or texting 219-213-6009

Dr. Julie Phd

About Juliann Steinbeigle, Counselor, PhD, LCPC, LMHC

Dr. Julie a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor who partners with a Canine Therapy Animal to provide clinical care that can bring comfort and peace of mind, while discovering and changing internal negative thoughts and beliefs. Animal Assisted Counseling is a proven method to help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety that lead to behavior and relationship distress.

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