Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent Counseling

Adolescent counseling can be the solution if your teen is struggling with depression or anxiety. If they are struggling, you struggle with them.

Adolescent depression and anxiety is the most common mental health disorder among teens. Depression affects nearly one in eight adolescents and anxiety affects nearly one in three adolescents each year. If left untreated these adolescent mental health disorders can have serious developmental and life consequences. 

Adolescence is a time of transition and if anxiety or depression is affecting your teen’s school, their relationship with peers and/or family members counseling provides a space for them to discover how to help themselves. They learn the difference between positive and negative emotional reactions and how to incorporate positive self-worth, self-image, and self-esteem into their life coping skills. Incorporating counseling into the management of your adolescent’s mental health care is a positive way for you to help them develop into healthy, happy productive adults.

Don’t ignore extreme emotional behavior or negative chaotic thinking from your adolescent. They will not grow out of it without help. Adolescence is the time when your child will develop into a productive or struggling adult. We want your adolescent to have the skills that foster positive growth. Where they know their responsibilities and can complete them. Where they know the right choices and they make them. Where they are happy and successful.

How do you help them when they are depressed, angry, or unable to focus?  Adolescent counseling can be the solution and we are here for both you and them.

If your adolescent is suffering from anger, sadness, or isolation, or if they are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, or negative emotional behavior and disastrous thinking please contact us for the additional support they need.

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